The Weather May Be Chilly, But We’re Building Up STEAM!

At Family School, we have been building both staff capacity and student learning opportunities related to a focus on STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  With the addition of a Robotics and Design Challenges class during Explore, students are able to challenge themselves in new ways, and prepare for different facets of their future.

Science is taught and explored in a variety of ways at Family School.  With our work with The School Garden Project and Partners for Sustainable Schools, the district’s NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) aligned science kits, and our in-house experts on gardening, edible and medicinal plants, composting, and conservation, our students are immersed in a well-rounded, relevant science program.

Technology comes to us both via classroom projects, and from a community expert, who shares explicit instruction with our 2nd-5th graders on individual approaches to a wide variety of technology topics and applications, and also leads a 2nd-5th robotics class, where students are learning problem solving, programming, and design.  We are so excited to offer this to our students!

Engineering challenges are present in a variety of forms at Family School.  From team bridge building out in nature and our work with the Architects in the Schools program, to our Design Challenges Explore, students are challenged to think creatively and solve real-world problems.

The Arts abound at Family School, from seasonal poetry and a wide variety of hands-on visual arts to musical theater.  The addition of district music specialists gives our students explicit music instruction, both vocal and instrumental. Our upcoming talent show will showcase a variety of performance-oriented skills, and our library displays focus on visual arts.

Mathematics is taught explicitly at grade level, and then applied in many settings around the school.  From the weight of food gathered in our food drive, to how much fabric and yarn is needed for a project, students are able to take what they learn in math class, and connect it to many other subjects.

The integration of all of the above is done in a wide variety of creative ways, from kindergarten through 5th grade, giving our students the tools to spread their wings!

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