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Sunday, September 18, 2016 15:20

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September 27th School Pictures (Order forms coming home this week)

September 27th First All School Meeting of the 2016-2017 school year


We’ve just completed our first full week of school.  Students are adjusting into routines and we are into our groove.  It’s been great to hear the sounds of children in the halls and classrooms again. It’s what we prepare and look forward to all August.  We are happy they are back.

Bee Update

The first day of school was eventful with our famous “bee” incident.  I’m happy to report that the nest was eradicated the next morning.  For now, we are still staying out of the field where the ground wasp nest was located.  I have put up cones to keep kids off the grass field.  We’re staying on the main playgrounds and to the paths that lead us from one area to another.  I’m doing this as a precautionary measure.  It was the running and pounding of the many feet that stirred the wasps up.  Damion and I have walked the grounds but we can’t simulate the intensity that many running feet create.  To be safe we will keep out of the field where the wasps like to nest.  As the weather cools they will naturally die off and we will open the field again.

Lead Update

I will be sending home a letter updating you on the elevated lead issues in four of our sinks.  The good news is that three of the four sinks were NEVER used and students don’t have access to.  One sink , used for hand washing has been tagged and can continue to be used for hand washing but not drinking.  To alleviate any worry, it’s not the main water pipes.  The experts tell us that it’s the faucets.  Please watch for the official letter coming to you from Eugene 4j on this important but manageable issue.  If you have any questions please contact me at Family School.  I’m happy to answer any questions.

Transportation Update-

Transportation to and from Family School is going well.  I have had a few parents tell me that the bus is picking up later this year.  We were told to have your kiddos to the bus for pick up by 8:25.  Families are seeing pick up time of 8:35.  I will get confirmation from transportation on this, but until then make sure you are there in plenty of time to drop off and pick up.  There is no supervision for your child so please do not leave your child unattended at ATA.  Also, Linda O’Shay (principal of ATA) asked me to pass onto families to please NOT park in the ATA parking lot.  Space is limited at there with the construction and the original arrangement was that we would not use the their parking lot to park and wait.  Please consider this when dropping off and picking up your kiddo.

Library- Volunteers Needed

We are in need of library volunteers to help students with check in and out, as well as shelve returned books.  No prior library experience needed.  If you know the alphabet we can use you!  You don’t even have to understand the Dewey Decimal System!  Please let Vicky in the front office know your interested and she can connect you with Jessica our volunteer coordinator.  Family School runs on Family Support.  Don’t hesitate to jump in, we welcome your helping hands.

School Garden Information-

We have several projects growing in the school garden.  We are in the beginning phases of setting up  fencing to keep the deer out.  We just received two yards of free compost to mix into the beds for participating in the Love Food Not Waste program (which will begin this week).  Our volunteer gardeners (fancy talk for parents who enjoy and value gardening and see the benefits of sharing this with kids) are penciling out ideas around a shed, and possibly the addition of some school pets that would add value to our garden program as well as educate our kids on sustainability and self sufficiency.  Big ideas are growing and if you’d like to be in on this grass roots effort please join us!  All are welcome and the more hands and ideas the better.  There’s always room in our garden for you!

Veggie Take, Trade, or Give Table –

A wise parent suggested sharing the bountiful harvest of her garden by creating a table in which families could take, trade, or give from.  We have located a table and a few families have already begun placing a variety of vegetables on it.  This table is open to all!  Please feel free to come check it out.  If you have an excess of veggies that you want to share, leave them on the table!  We do ask that you don’t bring veggies or fruit that is ready to spoil.  We look forward to seeing this grow in popularity.  Have a need?  Come take, trade, or give!

That’s all for now families.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a great week,

Jen Hebard – Principal