Staff Bios

 Lexi Chipman, Kindergarten Teacher

 Chelsea Norris, 1-2-3 Teacher

 Sarah Davis, 1-2-3 Teacher

Becky James 1-2-3 Teacher

 Kimberly Waldron, 4/5 Teacher

  David Pete, 4/5 Teacher

 Maggie Jones, Title I Teacher

I love being a teacher! My grandmother was a teacher, beginning way back in the days of one room schoolhouses. When I volunteered in my son’s first grade classroom, I decided to change my career to teaching. I’ve always loved being around children. They are curious, energetic, and keep us learning and growing.
I grew up in NY and moved to Oregon when I was 32. I raised two sons who attended Edgewood, Spencer Butte, and SEHS. I have experience with being the parent of a reluctant reader, and being told that my child was below level in reading. As a parent and a teacher, I know the struggles of balancing home life, work life, and supporting my children in school.
My favorite book growing up was The Secret Garden. My favorite activity is walking in the woods. I also enjoy reading: I’m in two book clubs. As a lifelong learner, I hope to inspire the love of learning in every student.
-Maggie Jones
Family School Title Coordinator
Eugene 4J School District

 Leah Hampton, Educational Assistant

 Dolores Gardner, Educational Assistant

 Tamara McIlhenny, Educational Assistant

 Ayhana Gaines, Counselor

Three words come to mind when I think of myself: Determined, Flexible, and Genuine.

I am determined to finish all tasks that I start. I know that people change, behaviors change, and life brings about various challenges for us all, so I try to remain flexible at all times. I am a genuine person. I believe in giving my whole heart. I like real hugs, and real smiles. I offer grace to everyone that I encounter, because we are all worthy and important.

I love to sing. I love to dance, and I love to smile. I believe that smiling is contagious and if you do it often, it will definitely rub off on others. I am a pretty shy person until I get to know you; nevertheless, I am pretty funny. At least, I think so.

I love the little things in life. Going for walks, texting and talking with my family and friends, going to the mall occasionally, and of course vacationing. For me, it does not have to be fancy, as long as I am happy.

I have been in the education field for about nineteen years. I have taught 3rd and 4th grade, been an elementary counselor and a middle school counselor. I love what I do, and I definitely love working with my students. I am a believer of teamwork. I believe that we get more accomplished when we have allies on our side.

Just know, if you need a listening ear, I am here.

Ayhana Gaines

School Counselor, Family School/Chinese Immersion


 Teresa Martindale, Principal

 Brittany Stubbert, Secretary

 Scott Nieshleb, Head Custodian

 Jeff Gardner, Head Chef