Field Trip Information

Taking students outside of the school is an important learning experience, and field trips are a priority for our Family School classes.  First and foremost, we want all students to enjoy themselves as they learn, and to this end, there are a number of important considerations:

Permission slips must be turned in on time to your child’s classroom teacher.  This allows teachers to arrange for an appropriate number of parent volunteers to guide small groups, to provide adequate transportation, and to set up balanced groups.  Permission slips let parents and guardians know where their child will be, and when they will return to school.


Appropriate clothing should be worn or brought to school on the day of a field trip.  Layers are always a good way to go, as Julie says “Dress like an onion!”  If you do have any questions, please see your child’s teacher.


Payment of field trip costs goes to the classroom teacher, along with the permission slip.  Costs are kept to a minimum, but no child is kept from a trip if a family is not able to pay.  We encourage those families who can afford more than one payment to include a scholarship with their child’s payment, as these funds will offset the costs of another child.