Snow Days = Proposed Schedule Changes

The following are the changes to the schedule district staff will bring to the School Board to address the snow days we experienced at the end of February.

1.  Thursday, March 14 (previously scheduled as a no-school grading day at secondary schools) will be an instruction day for all schools.
2.  Friday, March 15 (previously scheduled as a no-school, professional development and planning day at all levels) will be an instruction day for all schools.
3.  Friday, March 22 (the Friday before spring break) will become a no-school, grading day at secondary schools.  The day will remain an instruction day at the elementary level.
4.  Monday, April 1 (first day back from spring break) will mark the beginning of the new trimester for the secondary level.
5.  Tuesday, June 18 will be the last day for students.
6.  Wednesday, June 19 will be a grading day.
If we experience additional school closures, the school year may extend further into June to make up the lost instructional time.


The school board must approve any changes to board-adopted calendars. The purpose of this is post is informational only to allow for additional planning.  Proposed adjustments will be presented to the board on March 6, 2019 for approval.
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