Our First Parent Meetings Are Scheduled!

It’s time for the power of parent-teacher collaboration meetings to begin!  The sharing of our collective ideas is what keeps Family School thriving and growing.

Parents, teacher leaders, and our principal gather in our library for Parent Policy Council (PPC)meetings, where we discuss a wide variety of school-wide issues and set the agenda for our All-School Meetings.  Each homeroom generally has two representatives at these meetings, and any family members are welcome to attend.

Four times a year, all parents are invited to our Classroom Meetings, where teachers share specifics related to their homerooms.  We then move to our cafeteria for our All-School Meeting, where we check in as a whole school to discuss those issues identified by the Parent Policy Council.  Free childcare is always available during these four meetings.

Our first PPC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th, at 5:30 in the Library.

Our first Classroom Meetings and All-School meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th, starting at 6:00 in classrooms.

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