Jog-a-Thons and Bike Trips and Walking, Oh My!

Family School students and their families have been putting in the miles this past week, and will put on even more at our Jog-a-Thon this week!   First, we had Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day, then the 2nd/3rd grade bike trip. We will wrap up two weeks of healthy movement this Friday with our annual Jog-a-Thon. Between the three events, some students will put on over 20 miles of school-related movement!

Last Friday, Family School 2nd and 3rd graders, along with over 30 family members made a bike parade of over 80 as they rode from ATA Middle School out through the West Eugene Wetlands to the Greenhill Wildlife Lookout and back.  A total ride of around 12 miles.  This annual trip pairs field experience with ecology, and is enjoyed by all.

In a collective effort between Family School and Chinese Immersion, 113 students and many family members and staff participated in last Wednesday’s Walk, Bike, and Roll to school day by gathering at Wayne Morse Ranch, and walking, scooting, or biking to school from there.  Enjoyment was evident in the smiles on parent’s faces and in the enthusiastic students running down the hill.

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